July - September 2010 Edition: Naples Health

If ancient Chinese and Egyptian cultures are to be believed, colors can be used to heal the body of a plethora of ailments. The practice, known as chromotherapy, is still used today as a holistic, alternative treatment. Color You Healthy

Blue Soothes illnesses Treats pain Indigo

Green Relieves stress Lessens stomachaches

Alleviates skin problems Soothes the mind Purple Suppresses hunger Balances metabolism

Yellow Stimulates nerves Purifies the body

Orange Heals the lungs Increases energy level

Red Stimulates the mind and body Increases circulation

Dr. Alexander Schauss and Dr. John N. Ott experimented with shades of pink, measuring peoples’ reactions after staring at an 18-by-24-inch piece of cardboard colored with the various hues. They found that one shade seemed to promote a state of relaxation. Dr. Schauss then conducted experiments on himself to see if staring at the pink shade would have the same effect after he intentionally increased his heart rate through physical exercise. It did. Dr. Schauss was able to convince a commander and warden (the Miller and Baker whose names subsequently defined

the color) at the U.S. Naval Correctional Center in Seattle to paint the walls and ceilings of one admission cell pink. After 156 days, Miller and Baker reported to the U.S. Navy’s Bureau of Naval Personnel, Law Enforcement and Correc- tions Division that, since painting the cell pink, there had been no incidents of erratic or hostile behavior on the part of inmates held in the cell. Subsequent experiments conducted in county jails, veterans medical centers and juvenile detention centers reported simi- lar calming results from Baker-Miller pink.


JULY-SEPTEMBER 2010 | Naples Health

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