July - September 2010 Edition: Naples Health

How to tell when your toddler’s behavior requires special attention and care. Problem– Or Not? *****

O ne of life’s sweetest pleasures is watching an infant grow and develop. That first precious smile, the first babbling words, seeing the child learn to scoot around on all fours, then stand and ultimately take those first brave steps—these are the milestones every parent excitedly antic- ipates and takes delight in. They signify the journey of life that moves a helpless infant to eventual self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, when it comes to child development, things don’t always

Intervening early Charry Taylor is a pediatric occupa- tional therapist with NCH Healthcare System’s Outpatient Rehabilitation centers. The title is something of a misnomer, as she does not try to help youngsters find occupations. Rather, she focuses on helping infants and children develop those skills they need to survive and thrive. “Occupational therapy is a job for liv- ing,” explains the 20-year veteran.

proceed according to a firm, predict- able schedule. A variety of factors, from prematurity to Down syndrome to hear- ing or other problems, can delay those eagerly awaited achievements, setting the stage for worry, anxiety and tension. It needn’t be that way. Advances in physical, occupational and speech therapy specifically designed for infants and children can help children achieve their potential in ways that are non- threatening and even fun.


Naples Health | JULY-SEPTEMBER 2010

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