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Not seeming to know the functions of common objects (e.g. brush, telephone, spoon) by 15 months Not following simple instructions by age two Unable to push a wheeled toy by age two Pediatric occupational therapist Chary Taylor adds a few things to watch for in infancy. “I would be concerned,” she says, “if a baby isn’t holding a bottle by 10 months, if he or she is not turning toward the source of sound or if there is no eye contact.” If you are concerned, the first step is to alert your pediatrician. He or she can then refer your child for therapy. NCH maintains Outpatient Rehab facilities throughout Southwest Florida. For more information call Access Healthline at 436-5430.

When to be concerned

T here are numerous places parents can find lists of developmental milestones. The NCH Outpatient Rehab facilities have brochures avail- able that are shared not only with the public but also with local pediatricians’ offices. A clear, concise list, approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, can be found online at Healthy Children (www.healthychildren.org).

Healthy Children also provides a list of indications of possible developmental delay: Not walking by 18 months Walking exclusively on the toes Not speaking at least 15 words by 18 months Not using two-word sentences by age two Not imitating actions by 15 months


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