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UnderstandYour Medical Care With the help of one of our Personal Medical Advisors

BOARD OF TRUSTEES Joseph I. Perkovich, Chair William Allyn Jay Baker Susan Dalton Paul Dernbach, M.D. Alberto M. de la Rivaherrera, M.D. Thomas J. Gazdic Daniel Gill Kay F. Gow, Ed.D. Amy Jewell Kim Ciccarelli Kantor Hermes Koop, M.D. John Lewis, M.D. Mariann MacDonald, First Vice Chair Admiral Paul D. Miller Wayne Mullican Ambassador Francis Rooney, Second Vice Chair Karli Sander Scot C. Schultz, M.D. Edwin Stedem, Secretary/Treasurer Norman Thomson Jr., M.D. Carl E. Westman NCH CORPORATE OFFICERS Allen S. Weiss, M.D. President & CEO Kevin D. Cooper Chief of Staff/General Counsel Gail A. Dolan COO—North Naples Hospital Campus Phillip C. Dutcher COO—NCH Healthcare System Aurora Estevez, M.D. Chief Medical Officer Vicki D. Hale Chief Financial Officer Beth Martin Assistant Secretary Jim Martin Chief Development Officer Brian C.G. Settle Chief Human Resources Officer Michele Thoman Chief Nursing Officer Susan B. Wolff Chief Information Officer

U Confused by multiple medical conditions? U Diagnosed with a new medical condition? U Did you have an“unexpected complication”from your medical care? U Do you know the potential side effects of your medications? Let us help you by providing important information: U A review and simple explanation of your medical records. U Medical research and summary. U A medication review and explanation of side effects and interactions. U Review your medical records and provide an interpretation of an “unexpected complication.” U As nurses, we have worked with patients for over 50 years. U We know how important accurate medical information is for you. U We are credentialed experts in the medical/legal field.

Sheree M. Saroff, RN, BSN, MBA, CLC, MSCC


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Naples Health | JULY-SEPTEMBER 2010

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