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Music is always changing, but one thing’s for certain: There will always be a “song of the summer” when the heat starts rolling in. To be crowned the true song of the season, a track must be everywhere, stuck in everyone’s heads — whether they like it or not — and have a certain

complicated career, “I Get Around,” “Fun Fun Fun,” and their other hits from the early ’60s virtually wrote the blueprint for future songs of the summer. They’re sunny, annoyingly catchy, and filled with youthful exuberance. 2003: BEYONCÉ, ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ Even before she led Destiny’s Child to international success and branched out on her own to become the de facto world queen of pop, it seemed Beyoncé was destined to change the musical landscape. Though she’d secured numerous smash hits before, “Crazy in Love” was, to many, the calling shot that signaled her eventual ascent to the throne. With her thrilling, powerful vocals backed by enormous horn samples and undeniable hypeman Jay-Z, it’s arguably the apex of contemporary pop. NME even goes so far as to call it “the best song of the millennium.” TODAY’S CONTENDERS This year’s contenders seem to be slow out of the gate, making it difficult to declare the victor just yet, but there are some promising options. First, we have Drake’s “Nice for What,” which is riding high on the Billboard charts but isn’t quite as sing-along friendly as others. Though his “One Dance” dominated the summer of 2016. Other options include rap dynamo Cardi B’s spicy “I Like It” — the perfect song to play at a summer cookout — or the boilerplate EDM uplift “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey — the perfect song to play over the loud speakers at Target.

je ne sais quoi that makes it part and parcel of the warmer months. Here are two summer slammers (and three contemporary

options) that typify this vital trend.

1963: THE BEACH BOYS, ‘I GET AROUND’ There’s a good reason that when BrianWilson was asked whether there were any great summer songs that he didn’t write, he answered “No, not really.”Though there are certainly better jams from the Beach Boys’ tangled,

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