The LawCareers.Net Handbook 2021

Remember that youdon’t need to read thisbookcover tocover togetmaximumbenefit from it – it all dependsonwhat pathyouchoose, either beforeyouopenLCNHor as you read it. Thisdiagram illustrates thebasicprocessof usingLCNH, from initial research toapplying for a job–althoughdon’t forget that any specific informationyouneed that isnot coveredby thechaptersmentionedelsewhere in thediagram is likely tobe in themorespecialist chaptersof thebook. Thecolour scheme is thesame as thecolours used toseparateeachsectionof LCNH.

First steps Learn about the legal profession and identify the career you want:

• Solicitor v barrister (p10) • Alternative careers (p46) • The legal scene (p14) • Becoming a solicitor (p136) • The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (p133) • Becoming a barrister (p432)

Research Findoutmoreabout thequalificationsandworkexperienceyou will need for your chosenprofession, and learnabout different careersavailablewithin it:

• Career timetable (p13) • Work experience (whole section) • Postgraduate training (whole section) • Solicitor practice areas (p143)

• Types of law firm (p141) • Bar practice areas (p441) • Types of chambers (p438)

Launching your career Use LCNH for details of how to apply for the right training contract or pupillage for you:

• Choosing where to apply (p25) • Application technique (p34) • Interview technique (p39)

• Getting the best careers advice (p19) • Trainingcontract directory (wholesection) • Pupillage directory (whole section)


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