The LawCareers.Net Handbook 2021

Application technique

Ten top tips for online apps You should approach an online form exactly as you would a paper form – take your time, carefully prepare your responses and pay attention to detail. Here are our top 10 tips for online apps:

• Do use the spell check (make sure it’s the UK version).

• Do read through the whole application form before you start, keeping a close eye on all instructions. • Do plan where all your main boasts will be made. It would be a shame to work a slightly tangential skill or experience into one answer when you turn out to be questioned directly on the issue on the next page. • Don’t complete the form with your caps lock on, except where specified – it looks as if you’re SHOUTING. • Do take care with the layout of your application. Write the longer sections in an offline document or email draft and then copying the text over, checking that the formatting (eg, bullet points) has transferred properly. • Don’t succumb to ‘copy and paste’ fatigue. This opens the door to calling the firm by the wrong name – recruiters’ most-hated mistake.

• Don’t abbreviate ( “Pls give me TC’’). Write in full sentences.

• Do keep a record of your application – save it in a document or email your answers and cover letter to yourself. • Do read through your completed application at least three times before you submit it. Boasting of your ‘excellen eye for deetail’ will not get you the training contract/pupillage. • Do use a sensible email address that you will be able to access throughout the recruitment period. If you graduate in June, your university email address may be shut down, but firms will want to contact you throughout the summer.



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