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Dog Play Components

Hurdle Jump Model: RECF0007XX Weight: 68 lbs. Sold as a set of 4

Camel Hump Climber Model: RECF0001XX Weight: 269 lbs.

Limbone, Anyone? Model: RECF0003XX Weight: 104 lbs.

Home Sweet Home Model: RECF0010XX Weight: 416 lbs.

High Jump Model: RECF0011XX Weight: 128 lbs.

Through the Target Model: RECF0006XX Weight: 112 lbs.

Dog Log Model: RECF0008XX Weight: 400 lbs.

Over and Under Model: RECF0012XX Weight: 109 lbs.

Through the Tunnel Model: RECF0004XX Weight: 420 lbs.

Nice Turn Model: RECF0013XX Weight: 331 lbs.

Jump Through Model: RECF0014XX Weight: 147 lbs.

Walk the Plank Model: RECF0015XX Weight: 347 lbs.

Leash Holder Model: RECF0022XX Weight: 70 lbs.

Step Up Model: RECF0005XX Weight: 154 lbs.

Let’s Rest Model: RECF0009XX Weight: 246 lbs.

Climb and Sit Model: RECF0002XX Weight: 296 lbs.




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