Cold Garden Beverage Company partners Blake Belding and Dan Allard met a few years back in university. Belding had already started doing the old brew-your- own beer as a “function of drinking cheaper, as students will do.” Allard was generally the party host, throwing more than a few get-togethers for his school buds, and Belding’s home-brewed suds often made an appearance as the beer-of- choice at these co-ed fêtes. One day, while sitting at the back of a lecture theatre in one of the many entrepreneur classes they shared, the friends joked that they should start a brewery of their own. A couple of day-jobs later, the guys decided to leave the kidding behind and put the wheels in motion toward their own brewery. They gathered up a handful of friends and family, and start brewing their own malt beverages. Spotlight on Business spoke with Dan Allard, who’s official title on their website states that he is in charge of “Businessing,” about their humble beginnings two short years ago, their unique approach to brewing and their neighbourhood home in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



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