Biola Broadcaster - 1953-04

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- I ~ ~ , Nuggets ol Gold ••• - ~ - '1 ,, ~ You have to live with yourself. . • ) o moke sure when you're alone.. .. you're in good company I ~ ~ ~ "SINCE YESTERDAY" Along the golden streets a stranger walks tonight With wonder in his heart - Faith blossomed into sight. He walks and stops and stares, and walks and stare' again. Vistas of loveliness beyond the dreams of men. He who was feeble, weak, and shackled to a bed, Now climbs eternal hills with light and easy tread. He has escaped at last the cruel clutch of pain; His lips shall never taste her bitter cup again. 0 never call him dead, This buoyant one and free, Whose daily portion is delight and ecstasy! He bows in speechless joy before the feet of Him Whom, seeing not, he loved while yet his sight was dim. Along the golden streets No stranger walks today, But one who, long homesick, is home at last, to stay! -Martha Snell Nicholson * * * Daniel chose rather to spend a NIGHT in a lions' den, thon go through the DAY without prayer. Repentance-A change of mind. New mind about God. Conversion-A change of life. New life for God. Regeneration-A change of nature. New heart for God. Justification- A change of state. New standing for God. Adoption-A change of family. New relationship to- ward God. Glorification-A change of service. Separation unto God. Sanctification-A change of place. New condition with God. Dally prayers lessen dally cares! ~ From the President's Desk ••• "Why should a Christion have a college education"? some– one asked me the other doy. "Why not just keep on with the same type of class work as before, it was good enough 45 years ago?" I

Perhaps you yourself have often wondered this and I'm always glad to tell folk why Biola now offers the Biola Bible College training. Actually, all you need ta do is ask a missionary society how difficult it is to send out ambassadors in these hard days. All you need to do is go to the field and see there what an increasingly difficult time

those missionaries without degrees are having, to continue ef– fectively in many areas. All you need to do is to try to place yourself as a Christian young person in the ranks of the other youth of our day, for then your eyes would be opened to on amazing discovery. What we want of our young people Is ta so equip them with the Word of God that they may go out academically as well as spiritually and point the way to the Lamb of God that taketh oway the sin of the world. Yes, this is an ever changing world in which we live, and while the spiritual emphasis of BIOLA has been maintained even higher than before, so the academic training is second to none in the country. For this abundant •measure, we thank you and continually praise God.

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