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issue no 32 | March 2011

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This gives the organization insights into areas of employee development.

So what exactly does a psychometric tool do? A psychometric tool manifests an employee’s overt and covert traits. Depending on the nature of the test taken, you get to know about the employees’ areas of interest, suitability for a particular job, ability to handle various aspects of the job, etc. This tool is not meant to judge, but rather understand where a particular employee lies in terms of interest, personality and aptitude. This helps bridge the gap between what is and what needs to be.

By making use of psychometrics, you help your organization avoid falling into the trap of a ‘wasted’ employee developmental effort. By incorporating psychometric tools you have an unbiased approach towards assessing the development needs of the employees.


Saman Khan

Saman Khan - Associate Consultant - Coaching Division, Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is an industrial psychologist with a post graduate degree in HR. She has a keen interest in exploring the human psyche. Her passion lies in learning and development initiatives. She is heavily into music and uses it extensively for soul searching. A SNEAK PEEK INTO THE WORLD OF PSYCHOMETRIC TESTING AT ATYAASAA

Psychometrics is the study of psychological assessment, leading to the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits of an individual. The field of psychometrics has been the genesis of intelligence, personality and vocational testing. It has contributed to the emergence of new methods of psychological measurement based on the demands of society and the emergence of new technology. At Atyaasaa, our prime concern is to scientifically construct and validate psychometric tools. Psychometric assessments if used scientifically, play a key role in placing the right person in the right job/career and also ensure that they receive the appropriate training (through training need identification) to enhance their skills. With the evolution of HR practices, gone are the days when a standard Alfred Binet Intelligence test would hold good. Today, assessment tools are tailor made to suit the exact competency to be measured in context of the culture and population demographics. At Atyaasaa, it is our ongoing pursuit to customize tools as per our client’s needs and revalidate them. The workshop way of using psychometric tools is rather interesting. We use them as a support tool along with other forms of behavioural assessments such as simulations, role playing and outbound sessions. We are careful while developing tools and make sure of the following: - Adequate understanding (both conceptual and theoretical) of the competency to be measured

- Not letting bias creep in while constructing and conducting tools - Precise definition of each behavioural anchor leading to a particular competency - Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the results with a personalized report indicative of the test taker’s strengths and areas of improvement A psychometric tool could be good or bad depending upon whether it is being used or abused. Every psychometric tool should be chosen judiciously, administered professionally, scored procedurally, and interpreted objectively and skilfully.

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