BGB: GE 1.X MW WT Pitch Control Slip Ring-USversion

G E 1.X / 2.X / 2.X with Fiber Wind Turbine Pitch Control Slip Rings 1.5MW , 1.68MW , 1.7MW , 1.85MW , 2MW ESS , Non-ESS , SLE Versions

“Direct Replacement Upgrade From A Qualified GE Manufacturer”

Issue GE01 22.01.20 Rev US1a

> Approved and Trusted Solutions > Over 25 Years in the Wind Industry

> Development and Supply Partner for Multiple OEM’s > Over 125,000 BGB Slip Ring Solutions Installed Globally

Are you experiencing problems with your GE Pitch Slip Rings?... Cleaning too much / Breaking flanges / Waiting on units to arrive / Consuming too much time accessing and changing brush gear...

Resulting in... CLIMBING towers too much Turbine DOWNTIME Increased dept. COSTS

BGB Upgrade Solutions • From a GE Approved supplier – Tier 1 supplier to GE for the 2X version • Meets and Exceeds all GE specifications • Available in all variants – ESS and NON-ESS • Low maintenance • No copper brushes that produce excessive dust (compared to BGB silver brushes) • 8 year brush wear life on average • Incorporates engineering experience & design from our successful Vestas units • Made in the USA with spare parts and brushes readily available

GE Mandated Successful Tests:

BGB Design Advantages:

Housing rated to IP64 and can handle extreme environments

Tested in 60C (140F) environment for over 24 hours at full current Tested down to -40C Simulation Test having 250LBS technician stepping on the unit 80 times Overload current testing as high as 135 AMPS Tested with high grade specialized grease that performs well with low RPM’s & minimizes bearing wear Data Tested showing 92+ mbps data communication rate, better than a 1 in 100’000 BER test Vibration tested aggressively at 7.8G’s for 24 hours following both MIL STD 810 and GE vibration spectrum data inside the nacelle

Brush System approved by GE

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BGB Pitch Control Slip Ring


65 lbs


Silver Graphite

Brush Material:


Data Ring Material:


100M Revolutions

Slip Ring Life:

Did You Know? Power and Data Channels use Silver Graphite Brushes (not Copper), resulting in: Less Debris, Less Ring Wear, Less Noise, Lower Running Temperature & Higher Conductivity

Lubrication: None Cleaning Period: Optional a nnual cleaning to extend brush life to 10+ years

65Amps @ 690V

Power Circuit



Power Circuit

Electrical Strength:

BGB Solutions for various GE turbines:

1X – Direct replacement upgrades


Data Lines:

2X – Direct replacement upgrades

Operating Temp: -40C to +80C Optional Heating Cold-Weather Element: Installs

2X - With Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJ)

The FORJ unit offers higher speed data-transfer, a durable stainless steel construction and is not influenced by vibration, humidity, heat or other typical disturbances. In addition, the FORJ is immune to all forms of electrical interference.



Available in 2020 with multiplexer converters retrofitted into existing GE turbines


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