Rising Sun Physical Therapy September 2018

September 2018

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In a couple of months, we will be expanding to include a Pilates Studio with a full-service Pilates apparatus and classes focused on body and mind centering for patients of all rehab stages. Pilates has changed my life. Today I enjoy an active lifestyle despite injuries on my previous path. I love being in nature, hiking, biking, dancing, gardening, riding on horseback, and just about everything that involves action, but this wasn’t always possible. A few years ago, I suffered a debilitating neck injury. It was hard for me to focus and sleep, treating patients was painful, and even laughing hurt. I felt devastated and overwhelmed. This is where my Pilates story begins. I learned how to find my center, reconnect with my inner core, stabilize myself, and bring balance and peace back into my life. I studied newmovement strategies to make up for the deficits, and learned to move from a place of strength. Today I am stronger than ever, and Pilates was a big part of that. MONTHLY MOMENTS Bettina’s

Children are constantly reaching new milestones. Whether a child is preparing for their first dance, earning their driver’s license, or heading off to college, success in navigating these events is often determined by the kinds of experiences parents share with their children when they are young. One of the earliest milestones a child encounters is the first day of kindergarten, a sometimes overwhelming event that many parents struggle to navigate. The good news is that parents who have already endured the struggle can offer advice to assuage the fears of newer parents. TEACH THEM THE BASICS Everyone knows that the primary purpose of school is to educate, but there are some basic things you should consider teaching your child before their first day. One mother recently wrote to USA Today encouraging fellow parents to teach their kids the ABCs, numbers, and a handful of useful vocabulary words. Additionally, kindergarten teachers encourage parents to make sure their kids know the basic elements of hygiene. One common example is knowing how to use the restroom by themselves. Teaching your child how to properly flush the toilet and wash their hands before they enter the classroom will help ease any fear of going to the bathroom alone, and it will also benefit their teacher. Finally, be sure your child knows how to open all their lunch containers. Children often don’t have a lot of time to eat, so ensuring that your child can open their containers and start devouring their lunch as soon as possible is good practice.

Are you ready to start your first day of Pilates school with us?

-Bettina Neumann

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