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& Gonzalez. They’re professional, they’re organized, and they always put the client first. And they communicate with us well, which, as we already mentioned, is vital to any good relationship! Over the years, we’ve noticed that in the two boroughs we serve — Brooklyn and Staten Island — certain patterns have emerged. But with the new trend of people working from home, we’re seeing increased desire for space. For Brooklyn, that means sometimes upgrading to a larger home, often in Staten Island. In turn, people in Staten Island are selling their houses and using the money somewhere it will go a little further, like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Florida. We’ve seen a lot of trends in our time in real estate, and we’re interested to see where this one is heading! But no matter where you’re from, if you are doing business with us, we’re going to communicate with you, treat you right, and be considerate of the monumental decisions you face ahead. Real estate transactions aren’t something that most people do every day. In fact, it is often the biggest financial and emotional transaction a person makes in their lifetime. If we can make the whole process smoother, we’re here to help. – Claudia Oliva and Lori Fiorito

romantic partner, a good friend, or a coworker on your team — you have to be able to give and receive communication effectively. There are a lot of other things that factor into our success together — Claudia is a night owl, for example, and Lori’s a morning person, maximizing the hours that we’re available — but none of that stuff would matter if we couldn’t communicate with each other. After that, you really have to decide what matters to you. There’s so much you can focus on! For us, we broke it down to “Do right by people, and they’ll do right by you.” Not only is it the right thing to do in general, but it’s also the right thing to do from a business perspective. We don’t advertise or go out looking for new business, and we haven’t since the very beginning of our partnership. Why? It’s simple: If we treat our clients right, they’ll come back to us and they’ll send their friends to us. We haven’t had to go looking for prospects in a long time, and that’s because of the way we treat our clients. It’s similar to the way Ken and his firm treat their clients, which is one of the reasons why we do not hesitate to recommend him for our clients’ real estate legal needs. If you find the right attorneys, you won’t be able to imagine doing these transactions with anyone else, and that’s how it feels working with Merlino

This month, I wanted to introduce you to Claudia Oliva and Lori Fiorito, both of DiTommaso Real Estate. These two ladies have been realty partners for decades, but friends for even longer, and they’ve disproven the belief that partners in realty don’t usually work out. I have had the pleasure of working with Lori and Claudia and their clients on many occasions over the years, and they’re two special women who I think you’ll like as much as I do. If you or someone you know needs a top notch realty team, you can’t go wrong with this duo. When Ken asked us to write the letter in this edition of their newsletter, we were surprised. After all, who would want to hear from us? But the more we thought about it, the more we got excited. Although we don’t think a lot of ourselves, it’s true that over the years, people have paid attention to our unusually strong partnership in an industry where “teams” tend to fall apart. We’ve been working together from the start, 25 years ago, but have known each other for 36 years. At one point, our broker even gave us an award for being the dynamic duo that gets things done!

The key to any relationship is communication. We don’t care if you’re talking about a



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