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My Grandmothers, Helen and Joan!

As my wife and I start making preparations for this upcoming holiday season, I often find myself thinking of memories I shared with my family growing up. Holidays are all about spending time with family, so my nostalgic tendencies this time of year aren’t really all that surprising. But this year in particular, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about my grandparents, specifically my grandmothers, Helen and Joan. My grandma Helen (my mom’s mom) turned 95 this year, and she is still one of the most independent and determined people I know. She grew up the youngest of four kids, and, while her older siblings have since passed, they all lived into their 90s as well. They must have healthy genes because they all grew up during the era when the daily breakfast staple was a heaping plate of bacon and eggs! While my grandma was the youngest in her family, she always served as the matriarch, hosting holiday dinners, organizing reunions, and keeping everyone in line. After spending the early years of her adult life as an OR nurse, she was great at taking charge without ruffling any feathers. I’ve always been extremely close with my grandma Helen. In fact, I spent three out of my four spring break vacations during college at her house in Arizona. We would spend our days lounging in the pool, reading, and doing projects around the house. She also liked to take me shopping

and golfing even though I don’t pride myself on being great at either activity. Out on the golf course, I’d try to drive the ball as far as I could, and it would end up in the woods. My grandma would slowly move her way through the middle of the course until she reached the green. She always poked fun at me by saying, “The game costs the same whether you’re railing the ball or playing in the middle like me. We’d play a lot faster if you did the latter!” I also had plenty of fun growing up with my grandma on my dad’s side, Joan. For several years, my family and I had a tradition of visiting her and my grandpa at their house in South Carolina during the summer. It seemed that every year, something big was going on in the world. For example, I remember the OJ Simpson Bronco “chase” and Michael Jordan leading the Chicago Bulls to several NBA national championship wins playing on the TV in the background. Being a kid, I didn’t really care much for these events, but I remember my grandparents and parents anxiously watching them unfold. After spending time at my grandparents’ house, we travel together to Myrtle Beach. My Nana would sit on the beach and watch as my siblings and I spent the day enjoying the sunshine, sand, and ocean water. While she wasn’t one to jump in the salty waves with us, if anyone saw the way she watched us play on that beach,

they would never doubt her love for her grandchildren. She was and still is a caring, good-hearted person. She lives with my uncle in Florida now, but my family and I take trips to pay her a visit there, and she comes here when she can. In fact, just this year, she ventured up to our neck of the woods to see the Woodward Dream Cruise for the very first time. With at least 40,000 classic cars from around the globe lining the street for miles, she was blown away by the experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed being able to show her around. While my grandmothers are very different people, they both made a huge impact on me as a kid. They are independent, thoughtful, and wonderful women who helped make my younger years as fun as they were, and I’m thankful my kids now have the opportunity to know them as great-grandparents. To my grandmas Helen and Joan, thank you for all the fun and happy memories!

–Kyle Matthews 1 (248) 543-0340


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