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DeSoto Fire Rescue Receives Grant DeSoto Fire Rescue was recently awarded $243,000  through FEMA's  Assistance to Firefighter's Grant.  These funds allowed them to  purchase new equipment including four Life Pak Cardiac Monitors and  four Lucas 2 Chest Compression Devices (pictured here).    The Lucas Devices  have shown to substanƟally increase the  survivability in a cardiac event. “They replace manual compressions  allowing safer and more efficient use of manpower,” said DeSoto Fire  Chief Jerry Duffield.   

Public Welcome!  These new devises are being installed on all four of DeSoto’s ambulances and allows exisƟng equipment to be  moved to the fire apparatus.  Since all DeSoto Fire personnel serve in the dual capacity of firefighter and  cerƟfied paramedic, the installaƟon of cardiac monitors to our fire apparatus upgrades them to Paramedic  Engine status.  This allows the personal on an engine to provide the same cardiac monitoring as the  New Sewer Rates Become Effective October 1st The Trinity River Authority provides wastewater treatment services for the City of DeSoto.  The are increasing  costs to the City of DeSoto for these services causing an adjustment in our rates for FY2017 as follows: 

Water Base Rate  Water Volume Rate  Sewer Base Rate  Sewer Volume Rate 

$8.50  $3.10  $8.71  $8.65 

$8.50  $3.10  $9.32  $9.26 

No Change  No Change 

7.0%  7.0%

Customers will see the new sewer base rate and volume rate reflected in their December uƟlity bills.  If you  have any quesƟons regarding your water service, please call 972.230.9627. 

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