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Some of you may remember that I ran for public office over 10 years ago. I did so because I didn’t believe our country was moving in the right direction. No one would step up and take on the entrenched incumbent. I was tired of watching career government officials vote against our values time and time again. I had zero government experience. I was about 25 years younger than the incumbent and had the time and energy to take on the fight. Further, I made a living fighting for people who were up against powerful interests. Most of all, Michelle and I deeply cared about the future of our kids. We went out on a limb and asked our friends and family for help. With the help of many, we won the primary against a slated candidate. Although we lost the general election, the experience of fighting for something we believed in was worth it. I believe that our kids place much more value on how we live our lives rather than what we say. By going out on a limb and swimming against the current to set things right, we show our kids that we mean what we say. Everyday citizens like you and I need to get involved in our government when it seems like everything is going in the wrong direction. That time is now for my good friend Jerry Joyce. Jerry is taking a bold step right now for his family and the city of Chicago. Jerry lives with his wife, Jannine, who is a pediatrician, and their four children, Jeremiah, Karina, Christian, and Keyli, in the Southwest side of Chicago. Jerry believes that no parent in Chicago should have to stay awake at night BRINGING CHICAGO TOGETHER

worrying about the personal safety of their families due to violence in their neighborhood. Jerry is stepping up because he believes he can make a difference to improve Chicago’s neighborhoods. I’ve known Jerry for over 20 years. He is a man of great character. Simply put, Jerry puts the needs of others before his own. When people need help, they call Jerry. He doesn’t seek out these service opportunities for accolades or publicity. He helps people because that is how he was raised. He consistently wants to make a difference and empower people in the community to live better. I firmly believe Jerry will put these values in action while serving Chicago. Jerry began his campaign when the current mayor was still running for re-election. Jerry didn’t fear taking on powerful interests. He cared about standing up for his neighborhood, the future of his kids, and all the children of Chicago. Like in my race, Jerry is running against a group of entrenched politicians who have been in government for a long time. It’s time for a fresh, new approach to bring Chicago together. The people of Chicago will make history on Feb. 26, 2019, by electing a new mayor. It is my hope that the citizens will select a candidate like Jerry Joyce who seeks to serve and not be served. To learn more about Jerry, visit his website at

–Joe Shannon

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