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Just as with other plants, there are differences in mature sizes of different varieties of Neoregelia.

Hardiness Zones 9-11

• Striking foliage in an array of colors and patterns: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow & Variegated • Easy to maintain • Adds color and interest to homes • Improves indoor air quality FEATURES

LARGE Most of the regular varieties, such as Tricolor Perfecta and Magali, are larger Neos. They ft perfectly in a 5 or 6 inch pot; some of them even in an 8 inch. They should be planted 1ppp.

SMALL The smaller Fireball types, Fireball, Donger, Zoe, & Red Waif are often planted 3ppp in a 5 or 6 inch pot to fll up the pot quickly. These types are branching and the best effect is achieved when they are allowed to start branching before selling. If you plant these 1ppp, it will take signifcantly longer to achieve the desired effect. Beware! When they get too mature in a small pot, they are apt to topple over from being top heavy. When growing a 4 inch, these types are good and can be planted 1ppp.


• As houseplants in pots • On shady patios • Mounted onto ornamental driftwood or stems • As a focal plant

These Larger Neos are divided between full sun and shade varieties. Refer to pages 3-4.


• Higher rate of salable plants then those coming from TC • Shorter grow time than TC; more turns equals higher profits • Cuttings will be identical to the mother plant, alleviating sports that can come from TC material, including the tubing that TC varieties can display • No gassing required for green leaf varieties (ie. Cotton Candy & Magali)

Tricolor Perfecta 1ppp in a 5” pot

Fireball 3ppp in a 5” pot


Magali 1ppp in a 6” pot

Donger 3ppp in a 5” pot

• Unrooted cuttings (URC)

The Fireball varieties are also used 5ppp in an 8” pot or a 10” hanging basket.

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