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RAINY SEASON HAS ARRIVED Flood Insurance 101 With summer in full swing, the rainy season (along with hurricane season) has also arrived! We can expect plenty of afternoon showers and severe thunderstorms, too! We will keep our fingers crossed that hurricanes steer clear of Florida this year, but we know not to hold our breath. Did you know that about 40% of natural disasters involve flood damage? Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damages from flooding, and flood insurance usually needs to be obtained separately. Homeowners' insurance policies usually only cover damage from water that occurs from unexpected events inside your home, such as a bathroom pipe bursting. However, your typical homeowners' insurance policy won’t cover damages from rainwater outside a house that seeps through the foundation. A separate flood insurance policy will cover your home's foundation, appliances, furniture, and belongings. It’s important to note that a flood insurance policy will also reimburse the work


The Secret to Finding Lost Items Faster

Imagine you're racing out the door when you go to grab one last item; maybe it's your keys, phone, or even your left shoe. But when you reach for it, it's not there! You knew you set it on the counter last night, or did you? Now, the scrambled search for the lost item becomes stressful. Luckily, a study from Johns Hopkins University might help us find those lost items easier. The trick, they say, is to imagine the parts of the missing object we can't see. This might sound confusing because when you search for an object, you're typically looking to see if you can spot it in your home's environment, like a game of I Spy. But researchers found the characteristics of the object we can't visually identify are the trick to finding them easier. For example, is the item hard, soft, light, or heavy? When someone goes grocery shopping, they know eggs are light and fragile, while cans are heavy and hard. This is why we put the cans at the bottom of our shopping bags and the eggs at the top. So, if you asked someone to find a can of soup in a grocery bag, they would likely rifle to the bottom first because it's heavier. You can apply this same principle to finding a lost item by how heavy, hard, soft, or light it is. For example, if you're searching for a sweater in your room, you know it's soft and light. So, the best place to search for it is not amongst hard items like books, shoes, or toys but someplace where soft items congregate, like piles of clothes, a bed, or a chair. If you're looking for your keys, you know they're hard and make a sound when rattled. In that case, it may be a good idea to physically feel around for something hard that makes a noise when you touch it. Understanding the non-visual properties of an object narrows our search options, which leads us to lost items faster without unnecessary distraction. So, next time you lose something, think about where it would be, not based on how it looks, but how it feels!

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