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JAN 2018


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January marks our third year as The Button Law Firm. You know what we’re looking forward to? Getting better. Every year, we ask how we can push ourselves and how we can improve. I ask this question not only in regards to the firm, but in my personal life, too. I recently made a big change to my lifestyle. I always assumed group workout classes weren’t my thing, and I built a home gym so I could avoid the hassle of going somewhere crowded. But lately I’ve recognized the need for more accountability. I was waking up and going through my workouts, but not feeling as motivated by them. So, despite not considering myself a workout class person, I started going to early morning classes at a gym. And you know what? They’re great! The accountability factor is amazing, and so are the coaches. Those of you who love workout classes are probably thinking, “Duh!” But it’s been a big realization for me. That doesn’t mean they’re easy, of course. Every time I get up, I hit the snooze button a couple times and think, “Why am I getting up at this crazy time to go to the gym?” As I drive there, I still think, “Why do I have to wake up and do this?” But the thing is, after the workout, I feel good for the rest of the day. The challenge of getting up early pays in the form of all those endorphins and natural, feel-good chemicals you get afterwards. I’ve long been a morning person, and even more so after reading “The Miracle Morning.” With workout classes in my routine, I have another goal this year — to get up even earlier. This sounds crazy to most people who know me, because I already get up pretty early. Even though it’s hard, my eventual goal is to get up with enough time to practice my miracle morning before I head to class. That time to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while I read and reflect, and then take the dogs for a walk, is invaluable. In addition to how good I feel after the positive start to my morning, the instructors at the classes have made me realize the importance of accountability through coaching. Even when I don’t feel like going to the workout, the coach’s voice is in the back of my mind. During the workout, your coach tells you that you can do it, and you realize you can!

Inspired by the coaches, I’m challenging myself to be a better leader. Your team isn’t going to feel motivated if they don’t feel like you’re walking the walk. My team also keeps me accountable because, at the end of the day, if something doesn’t get done, it’s on me. As a leader, I need to take ownership of that for my team. And if I can lead by example, I can show them the “what” and the “why” of a task so they can figure out the “how.” Sharing the “what” and “why” of our mission inspires us all to carry out the “how.” My team doesn’t need me to tell them how to do a task, but they need me to share with them why it’s important. None of us are motivated if we don’t understand the importance of a task, are we? I’m grateful to love what I do, and I picked a team of people who love what they do, too. That’s why I’m pushing myself to do better this year — to wake up earlier, to go to morning workouts, to be a better leader for my team — and why I believe I’m capable of it. Nobody gets more than 24 hours a day, and nobody gets less. I hope you feel inspired to use your hours to the max this year.

Happy New Year!

–Russell Button



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