would typically include a lock box for house keys, possible security cameras, etc., ultimately, security of your home is a personal responsibility.

Remaining in the home or relocation during a renovation is a personal decision and should be discussed with your con- tractor in advance. By having this discussion, you will be able to make an informed decision which will be best for you, your family, pets, and the contractor. What ever your decision, make sure you have a plan and communicate with your contractor.

D an Monk is the owner of Monk Renovations. Dan started in construction when he was 15 as a summer job and has been hooked on construction ever since. He studied engineering at St Francis Xavier Univer- sity and the Technical University of Nova Scotia (Dalhousie University), where he graduated as a civil engineer. Dan is passionate and knowledgeable about construction, project management and client service. Dan proudly and confidently began Monk Renovations from the ground up and has been renovating bathrooms, kitchens, basements, exteriors, decks, additions and anything else you would imagine over the past ten construction seasons. Along this journey, Dan has become an expert in the res- idential renovation/construction industry as an entrepre- neur, civil engineer and most recently, a Red Seal Carpen- ter. Dan’s trustworthiness, professionalism and unrelenting determination has led to many exceptional accomplish- ments such as Most Outstanding Kitchen Renovation of the Year 2017 and Renovator of the Year 2016 & 2018! We are happy and excited to have Dan Monk join our edi- torial team at Spotlight on Business Magazine. We have featured Dan Monk and Monk Renovations twice in the magazine, the April 2016 Issue and July 2017 Issue. Now we look forward to sharing his knowledge and expertise with you each month on different topics related to the construc- tion industry and being a renovations specialist entrepre- neur.



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