hydraulic-driven air compressor instead of the competitor’s comparable air compressor, allowing techs to carry more tools and supplies needed to get their jobs done.” There was another claim at that required inquiry to verify: “VMAC has earned a reputation for extraordinary build quality, durability and reliability in extreme conditions, among operators and fleet managers in the mobile mechanic, tire service, utilities, mining, oil and gas, and construction industries.” That’s not hyperbole either, apparently. VMAC really has earned a reputation for durability and reliability. James, the Fleet Manager at Sureway Construction Work in Edmonton wrote, “After three years we have approximately 2, 400 hours on this unit [DTM70] and have experienced zero downtime.” Derrick from Evans Landscaping in Cincinnati wrote, “With the UNDERHOOD, you just push the button to start and get continuous air right away, even in the colder months.” And an unnamed representative from the Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Company in Dubai wrote that their VMAC product “Gives us the unrivalled performance and reliability required for our busy operation.” In late February, the newly appointed President of VMAC Tod Gilbert spoke with Spotlight on Business from the company’s front office in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Tod touched on VMAC’s history, his own story, the company’s manufacturing facility and R&D, today’s market and the state of manufacturing in Canada, the lean journey for his employees, and the future of VMAC Global Technology.



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