use less material than conventional homes because of the waste associated with milling wood.

But honestly, efficiency and better material usage are mere welcome by-products. “Many of the custom ideas come from the clients themselves.”

The true appeal is in the aesthetics.

Sheppard agrees that it’s the “look” of the building that draws people into a log home. “You walk into another type of house and you think, ‘yeah, this is a house’ and that’s that. But when you walk into a log home, it’s a conversa- tion piece. There’s something to talk about at every turn. They’re all different.” Near North’s recent purchase of a sawmill has upped their game when it comes to making the square timber dove- tail-type homes. “This just gives our potential customers more selection and styles of homes to choose from. It keeps us competitive because we aren’t paying for milling and it’s really nice to be able to control the milling process.

Also, all the off-cuts from the logs become useful lumber. It really makes sense to own the sawmill.”

With the nice weather just around the corner, it may be time to start thinking about that summer getaway. Near North builds quality hand-built log homes, and will ship it and reassemble it anywhere you call home.

Go on! Dare to dream!



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