Chainsaws and chop saws a-buzzing deep in the heartland of the Canadian Prairies. It’s a common sound, almost unnoticed by the locals. In fact, it would

be odd if you didn’t hear them.

Often the sound is related to wood being harvested to heat homes over the long Canadian winters. However in some cases, those saws are crafting someone’s dream home. Such is the case at Back Country Log Homes, a building company located approximately 35 minutes from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Owner and head builder Jeff Esau has operated Back Country for a little over 14 years. Prior to becoming a log home builder, Esau worked as a framer for a company that built conventional- construction homes. But his passion for something more unique, interesting and artful took him away from run-of- the-mill 2x4 construction and toward 40-foot pine logs and notches. He began his journey designing and constructing log furniture. From there, it was a short walk down the career path to the dream homes he builds today. Spotlight on Business Magazine spoke with Esau and one of his colleagues, Pete Doucette, about the company’s building philosophy and the blossoming log home industry in the Canadian Prairies.



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