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Curiosity may have killed the cat, but on occasion, it can result in the production of

great whisky. Such is the case with the father and son team, David and David Woods from Wiggly Bridge Distillery in York, Maine. One evening in 2010 during a family dinner, it was lightly suggested that the family should try their hand at making their own spirits. David Jr. further men- tioned that he was going to find or build a still and see what happens.

While this may be a far-fetched proposition for many, the two Davids shared a love for good whisky and an even greater fascination with dis...

The owners have deep roots in the North American diesel truck industry; they have thir- ty-seven years combined expe- rience in the world of light-duty diesel trucks. They specialize in diesel truck maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, diesel engine emissions, and driveline upgrades for Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins, and GMC Duramax – and more. Their business model is focused on customer service. And they’re married. Dave and Christie Dias started BC Diesel...




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