The Barrel Mill crafts tight grained white oak staves into premium barrels. Then the magic happens. We toast and char the barrels to your specifications to inspire the unique flavor profile you desire. Here’s to excellence – from barrel to glass. OUR CRAFT BECOMES ONE WITH YOURS.

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T H E B A R R E L M I L L . C O M

won gold medals for it.”

A large part of the business model at Wiggly Bridge Dis- tillery involves collaboration with, as David puts it “other businesses and people who are doing good work and coming up with new and unique products.” For example, they developed a wine and maple syrup combination that was aged in their bourbon barrels. Moreover, the co- oper- ative processes in developing these products can work to the benefit of both businesses, not only in sales, but in a seemingly endless chain of new flavors and concoctions. “When we get the wine barrels back from some of these wineries we are working with, we are finishing a bourbon in the former wine casks. And it is coming out stellar.” “I did a quick back-of- a-napkin business plan for the distillery.” Other examples include coffee beans that they age in their former bourbon barrels, roasting them to an espresso blend and marketing it as an evening coffee. “You don’t really want to drink this one in the morning. Although there is no alcohol in it, the barrel aging really changes the profile of the flavor. It makes a great, late- afternoon, evening or dessert coffee,” David adds.

David Sr.’s goal right from the start was to create a sustain-



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