It’s the season’s first major snowfall in Toronto. A sense of panic runs through the hearts and minds of drivers and commuters alike in Canada’s largest urban centre. New drivers are slipping and sliding, experienced drivers are weaving their way through the turtle-speed traffic, and the line-ups at the tire shops are insanely long — snow-tire season has arrived and the procrastinators are literally standing on top of one another, trying to get someone to remove their summer tires and install the safer winter wheels. It was amid this pandemonium that Khallil Mangalji and Fiix co-founder Arif Bhanji threw up their hands at the long wait and brought their car back to their driveway. At this point, they called Bhanji’s uncle, who was no stranger to a jack and tire- iron, and he came over and put the winter tires on Bhanji’s car within minutes. Then a lightbulb clicked in the young entrepreneurs’ minds. And this is where the story begins behind Fiix mobile auto repair services — a story that took the young businessmen to a spot on the popular Canadian television show Dragon’s Den. Spotlight on Business spoke with Khallil Mangalji about the development of the mobile auto repair model, and how it is revolutionizing the auto repair industry in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).



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