“Once we showed the Dragons our growth potential and showed them how well we had been doing, told them about our backgrounds and our current investors, almost all of the Dragons decided to invest! So that was amazing.”

maybe in another year. But we don’t know yet. When we are ready, we’ll have to figure out where this idea makes sense.”

With a proven business model and an innovative team, it appears that Fiix is well on their way to changing how car repairs are delivered. And that means you’d better move the bicycles and the garbage cans off the driveway — you may need to give your next mechanic some room to work!

Nothing like a little prime time television to push a business up to the next rung.

Mangalji says that the show appearance did wonders for brand recognition. “People all across Ontario heard about the business. We had a lot of hits on the website, lots of chats. And it’s really nice because now when I talk to people and mention it, they remember that episode of Dragon’s Den. Great exposure for sure.” For the time being, Mangalji and his partners are happy to claw away at market share in the GTA. He admits that life is crazy and every day he and his staff of 14 non-mechanics are faced with a new challenge. ‘Trust’ is the number one criteria customers cite when choosing a mechanic. Fiix has its sites on maintaining a personal feel and servicing the growing demand in Toronto first before entertaining large corporate expansion. “Right now, we’re doubling down on the Toronto area because we are seeing great growth and we still only own maybe around 1% of the market. So there is a lot of growth potential here. For now, we will focus on growing in Toronto. But we are looking at possible US expansion



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