Janice Buckler, BSc, RHN

BSc Agricultural Chemistry  RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist)

Owner/Manager:   Natural Legends Nutritional Consulting

By Janice Buckler B ioScan MSA (Meridian Stress Assessment) Technol- ogy provides a comprehensive test that measures the flow of energy according to European medical research through acupuncture points, which are related to the body’s organs, glands and bodily systems. This technology combines with Traditional Chinese Medicine to give an extraordinary perspective on the state of your body’s health. Each acupoint is connected to a meridian or energy channel which, in turn, is connected to an organ, gland or bodily system. The test requires that the client hold a small brass hand mass in one hand while the practitioner uses a blunt-end- ed stylus to touch various meridian points, or acupoints, on your hands and feet. A small current of 2.4 volts goes into each point. It is painless and non-invasive. The equipment measures the time it takes for the current to make one complete circuit using a highly sensitive ohmmeter, much like an EKG machine. If there is any inflammation impeding the flow of energy, the equipment detects and reports it on a print-out, so the practitioner can make nutritional recommendations that will strength- en and balance your body in the area(s) needed, working

on high-priority areas first.

The practitioner can use this equipment to find natural remedies for people, and as common sense would have it, what will work for one person won’t always work for the next. In this way, the results are completely customized to each client’s needs. The practitioner can pull the frequency of a potential remedy from the software’s virtual library or use the metal test plate that is wired in as part of the client’s circuit and place a sample remedy on it. The test plate can be used to test anything against the client’s meridians by absorbing the frequency of what is on it and incorporating it into the client’s circuit. This way, the practitioner can find out if something balances that person or throws them off. BioScan technology can also be used to determine nutrient deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, and digestive enzymes; as well as hormonal imbalances, the presence of parasites, bacteria and Candida, and food/environmental sensitivities.



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