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MARCH 2020

Empowering Small Practices to Deliver the Best Care


No matter how much (or how little) of our monthly newsletter you might read, you’re likely well aware that at AZCOMP, we like to talk about our core values. We’ve got 11 of them, so there’s a lot to talk about. But I truly believe these core values allow our employees to do great work, which, in turn, translates to delivering phenomenal work to our clients (also one of our core values). This portion of our newsletter usually examines our business services and how they’re useful for our clients, but I think there’s a lot of usefulness in giving an inside look at how our core values affect our culture, and ultimately, the work we do. As the finance and human resource manager, I see a different side of our operations than most others do. I have interactions with clients from an accounting standpoint rather than a technical standpoint, and much of my work also involves direct interaction with our internal team. I’m coming up on my sixth year at AZCOMP, and it’s been such a pleasure to witness the many different ways the company has grown. I’m passionate in my belief that happy employees are more creative, efficient, and open. If you give them the chance to speak up, they will, and past experience tells me that giving someone the chance to feel like they’re being heard paves the way for feeling like they’re a part of the team. That makes them want to be productive for their clients and their company. That’s a wide net to cast, but it was well worth the effort. It’s incredible how loving where you work positively effects the work you do. That realization takes a lot of planning, reworking, and

time to get just right. But once you’re there, you start to notice big waves everywhere in your business.

AZCOMP empowers its employees by giving them the tools, space, and mindset they need to succeed. Our core values are useful tools, our office space is conducive to creativity, and we always welcome input and ideas from everyone. But my favorite thing that happens amid all of this is that our team has become a family. We all feel a sense of ease and reliability in each other, but that doesn’t just go for our “work family.” We all have jobs to support our families, so why not bring them into it? All our families know each other, some spend time together, and overall, we all care about each other. We have a culture of unity, both inside and outside our walls, and it makes for a really great place to work.

So what does this mean for our clients? It means that you can have full faith in the work we do for you. I already mentioned it, but it’s worth mentioning again: I truly believe that happy employees lead to great work because AZCOMP has shown me that it’s true. All of our clients can know they’re getting great work and services from our team because our team is truly happy with the work they do. –Jana Flewellen

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