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There are leading innovators in every industry who are working on building the future of their field. At AZCOMP, it could be leaders in technology, and for others, it could be new voices in food, architecture, or transportation. When it comes to the clothing industry, the leaders we often think of are those who innovate fashion trends. But at a clothing company like Vollebak, building the future goes far beyond style. Vollebak uses groundbreaking science to create clothing that’s more technological and experimental than any other clothing brand. They have jackets that are fire-resistant and solar- powered, pants that will withstand wear for a century, and T-shirts made from the most durable materials on the planet. But what I think they’re most noteworthy for is how they pay attention to the necessity for sustainable clothing.

incinerated. That means only about 20% of clothing is reused or recycled. The rest piles up and pollutes the planet because it doesn’t degrade or takes far too long to do so. So Vollebak is pushing sustainable clothing design by providing innovative solutions. They’re making shirts out of plants and algae that you can wear for as long as you’d like, and when you want to get rid of it, you simply bury it. It’s fully biodegradable and disappears into the ground in 12 weeks. Inventions like these are still new and experimental, which means they’re pricey. It may not be practical for people to buy a biodegradable T-shirt for $100, but what makes Vollebak inspiring is they’re leading the charge in addressing a critical concern in their industry. When it comes to AZCOMP’s core values, Vollebak undoubtedly “Surfs Jaws” every day. Their goal is to innovate, improve, and show others why it’s important to do so in everything we do too.

Here’s a staggering statistic: Globally, about 80% of discarded textiles go to landfills or are

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