Data Privacy & Security Service Digital Digest_Fall 2017

Data Privacy & Security Service

Issue 9


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LHRIC hires a DPSS professional

Page 1:  LHRIC hires a DPSS PD professional Page 2:  Train Your Employees  Gone Fishin’ Phishin’  Train your staff on cybersecurity Page 3:  Training Resources  Comptroller’s Corner Page 4:  Apps Tested for Children. Half Failed to Protect Their Data  Policy Information  Policies  Ferpa’s Collision with Social Media Page 5:  Schoology Access for PD  Best Practices in PD According to COSN  COSN Collaborates w/Sups Page 6:  Sarahah  Hack Attacks To access all of the resources of the Data Privacy and Security Service (DPSS), log into RIC One DPSS using your email address and the password provided by your RIC.

Superintendents face unique challenges when it comes to data privacy and securi- ty. Faculty and staff have a responsibility to protect district data. However, super- intendents own it all! Additionally, superintendents have an obligation to support their school boards and to fulfill the needs expressed by their communities.

In the 2017-18 school year, the Lower Hudson Regional Information Center (LHRIC) in Harrison, NY has employed a distinguished educator and technologist to devel- op and share, via the DPSS, professional development resources for superinten- dents. Dr. Nasrin Rouzati comes to the position having led Information Technology and Professional Development at the Mount Pleasant Central School District in Thornwood, NY and serving as faculty at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY.

Nasrin’s work will address key audiences from a superintendent’s perspective, in- cluding:

1. Board of Education 2. Leadership Team

3. Network Administrators/ IT 4. Data Administrators (Staff) 5. Teachers

Overall, her work will assist superintendents to form a common understanding throughout their district. The resources she develops and shares will typically in- clude two parts. The first part will address some of the more general concepts per- taining to Data Privacy and Security. This will include how to keep abreast of cur- rent threats and potential cyber-attacks, preventive measures, best practices in safeguarding data, and practical solutions if such attacks happen. The second part will focus on protection of data as it relates to the specific roles and responsibilities of each group. For example, a BOE member utilizes district da- ta on a day-to-day basis serving within the governing body of the school district. It is a Board member’s responsiblity to adopt certain policies and procedures, assure compliance with laws, and provide guidance on financial investments in data priva- cy and security technology and cyber-insurance. Each audience has its role to play and a range of subjects will be covered in the second part to better define roles and responsibilities, including user access control, software adoption and supervi- sion.

Questions to think about:

Where are your district data?

Who is responsible for data in your district? Do those responsible for data know what to do and what not to do?

In summary, Nasrin’s goal is to support the pivotal instructional and administrative leader in districts with the essential knowledge needed to lead and support their colleagues and community.


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