Data Privacy & Security Service Digital Digest_Fall 2017

Data Privacy & Security Service

Issue 9


Your membership in the Data Privacy & Security Service (DPSS) includes access to a web-based security awareness training that follows a structured outline, including a formal assessment and printable certificates of completion. The training is based on the NIST SP800-16 stand- ard (Information Technology Security Training Requirements as per the National Institute of Standards & Technology). Each session typically runs 15 minutes with 10 minutes for questions and answers. Security awareness training follows a structured outline, augmented by any customized content. Log in to the DPSS web site and click on the Professional Development tab to view the Information Security Course Overview as well as doc- umentation and brief tutorials. We’ve provided a quick-start guide below to help get you started. How to provide district staff the ability to self-enroll in the Data Privacy Schoology (DPS) course in three easy steps! RIC DPS administrator will give the District DPS administrator the Course Code District DPS administrator gives code to staff/teachers Teachers use code to activate enrollment in Security Course regardless of whether he/she has a Schoology account or not.

Teachers with current Schoology account:

Navigate to

Select Log In: Enter User Name and Password In the field labeled School or Postal Code: enter 12205 and Choose: Northeastern RIC Click Log In Click Courses → Join Type in Access Code → Click Join.

Teachers without a Schoology account

Navigate to

Select Sign up > Choose STUDENT You will be asked for the Access Code, enter code given to you by District admin Click on Continue Fill in the requested information: First Name, Last Name, Email or Username, Password Confirm, Password Enter Go to Courses at the top menu bar; Choose Information Security Quarterly Training and begin.


CoSN collaborates with superinten- dents to assess their challenges and increase their capacities to lead tech- nology efforts. The Empowered Su- perintendent web page provides re- sources that guide and empower su- perintendents and their leadership teams on important edtech topics, including these one-page reference sheets. The Importance of Cybersecurity – The top 5 reasons why district tech leaders must make cybersecurity a priority. Student Data Privacy – Five critical guidelines for ensuring data privacy in your use of technology.

Led by CoSN, the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program was developed by school system leaders for school system leaders. Created in collaboration with 28 school system leaders nationwide, supported by lead partners such as AASA, the School Superintendents Association, ASBO, the Association of School Business Officials International and ASCD, this group identified the characteristics and practices of a TLE, setting high standards around pro- tecting student data. The TLE Seal Program provides school systems with concrete practices to evolve their student data protections beyond the legal requirements. Here are their rec- ommendations for best practices in professional development: 1. Privacy and security of student data is embedded into training and professional develop- ment in all areas of school operations and academics. 2. The school system provides employees with up-to-date, easily accessible resources and documented processes, including exemplars and templates that facilitate student data priva- cy and security. 3. Parents are offered awareness training and resources about student data privacy and se- curity.


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