Financial Architects - May 2019

MAY 2019



It may sound peculiar, but I’ve wanted to be an executive assistant ever since I was a young girl. While taking a position of direct leadership never appealed to me, it felt natural to desire to be there to lend support to those who took on the responsibility that comes with executive leadership. So, when I turned 18, I took the first secretarial job I could, and almost 39 years later, I can say I still look forward to going to work. As an organized person who’s always been motivated by pressure and deadlines, there couldn’t be a more perfect job for me. Executives like Chris Cousins and Pat Marody will always be in high demand, and being the kind-hearted people they are, they tend to want to be available to everyone. The challenge of keeping their schedules manageable while ensuring our clients get the attention they deserve is the kind of logic puzzle I get a rush in solving. This combination of personal interaction with clients and problem solving is just one reason I’m proud to work at this firm. “This July will mark my 12th year with Financial Architects, which longevity I think is indicative of the company’s dedication to integrity and respect.” It was thanks to Chris that I actually found my way to Financial Architects in the first place. Funnily enough, I’d been his father’s assistant for 27 years, right up until his food service management company sold.

close friends with a family home in Italy. We’ve made several trips together, picking up local recipes from the little old ladies in the village when we’re there. Before we started making these Italian excursions, I never dreamt of making homemade pasta and sauce, but now I thoroughly enjoy doing this. Financial Architects’ family-first approach is nothing to take for granted. When family matters come up that need my attention, I am always able to be there for my family as well as have the support of the other team members (i.e. my extended “family). This means a lot when going through an already stressful situation. From my childhood (when I dreamt of having a job like this) to now, only one thing has changed: As a young girl, I always believed that I’d eventually leave work to become a stay-at-home mom, but in reality, it turned out I loved the job too much to step away. In fact, my husband will be retiring next year, but I have no plans to slow down. When you find such a rewarding field, surrounded by people you genuinely care about, going to work is a joy. Thanks to everyone on the Financial Architects Team for making this firm so wonderful.

In the outcome of the sale, Chris was good enough to offer me a position here, and there couldn’t have been a better fit for me. The whole office was extremely welcoming, and it was clear that even the most senior partners held the staff in high regard. This July will mark my 12th year with Financial Architects, which longevity I think is indicative of the company’s dedication to integrity and respect. Part of that respect is the firm’s emphasis on making time for family. Having been married 36 years, my husband and I love finding time to get out on the lake and spend time with our grandkids. We also love to travel and are fortunate enough to have

–Jan Winters



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