King's Business - 1936-06



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Beloved Christian Friend: The Bible Institute of Los Angeles has taken a great forward step! At its twenty-sixth annual Commencement on June 11, 103 fine young people will be graduated. And among them will be six young men, the first to qualify for and to receive from the Institute the degree of Bachelor of Theology. We ask you to praise God with us for this educa­ tional advance. We ask you to consider also that progress at Biola is directly related to the prayer and giving of the Insti­ tute s loyal friends. We are closing the school year in triumph— because YOU prayed, because YOU helped. May God bless you for this cooperation. Friend, may I implore you, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, to continue to remember Biola at the

Throne of Grace? We cannot go on — EVEN THROUGH THE SUMMER MONTHS— unless God sends us aid. We cannot prepare for the opening of the fall term unless money is provided through God’s stewards to care for operating expenses. WE HAVE LITERALLY GIVEN EVERYTHING WE HAVE IN ORDER THAT THE YOUNG PEO­ PLE ENTRUSTED TO OUR CARE MIGHT BE THOROUGHLY TRAINED IN THE WORD. We believe God is pleased with the sacrifice of His people, and that He will meet our present urgent needs. Oh, Beloved, pray for us; and if you have an en­ couraging word, will you send it ? Yours, believing,


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