American Consequences - September 2021


S chool’s back in session, America. Our nation’s already-broken education system nearly flatlined last year, threatening to become yet another COVID casualty. And now in 2021, classrooms have tentatively reopened amongst a firestorm of politics swirling around face masks, vaccines, “woke” curriculums, and toxic teachers’ unions. Here’s hoping our students can learn something this year, other than putting all this nonsense on mute. But if there’s one academic I trust, it’s P.J. O’Rourke . Staff writer Andrew Amundson interviews our Editor in Chief for a master class in not being an idiot. This tutorial may not help, but it will hurt... And author Geoffrey Norman , featured in the Wall Street Journal and Esquire, tells the tale of how he fought local teacher union muscle – and lost. P.J. O’Rourke returns to reminds us that America, land of sore winners and sloppy losers, needs to learn that we can’t shove democracy down the throats of the unwilling on the international stage. Staying on the global front, my feature story this month, “Made in the USA,” details how the pandemic put a stranglehold on America’s foreign supply chain – prompting a resurging need for onshore manufacturing.

Switching from macro to microeconomics, Stansberry Research’s go-to commodities expert Bill Shaw lays out a veritable treasure map for you: a definitive guide to storing your gold, from coins to bricks of bullion. And we have to talk about old Uncle Joe, of course. Executive Editor Buck Sexton warns us of Biden’s new world order, an authoritarian health regime where the unvaccinated are public-enemy No. 1, herd immunity is ignored, and everyone has to “mask up, shut up, and do what you’re told.” But there’s another lurking virus less visible than COVID... and another war closer to home than Afghanistan. Executive Editor Kim Iskyan details the horrors of our cyberattack era, from Russian-and-Chinese hacking farms to dark-hat actors stateside. And bringing us home is libertarian legend John Stossel , who talks with Senator Rand Paul about Big Tech shadow-banning public figures and Paul’s recent coronavirus censorship. Regards, Trish Regan Publisher, American Consequences


September 2021

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