American Consequences - September 2021

So there you go, America. The lesson you didn’t deserve but got anyway... P.J., the consummate student of history with a voraciously keen eye for human foibles, has told it like it is. Bernie doesn’t smoke weed... We all missed out on the Lampoon... America’s not dead yet... Be a good f***ing person, because there’s genius everywhere – fair citizenry, from Nobel-prize winning economists to high school mechanics. Meanwhile, the ultra-Left and Right have more in common than either would like to admit, tethered by the shared ideological crime of absolute certainty and the even graver sin of humorlessness. Although P.J. was wrong about one thing – some people want to hear a tired voice, as that is one of a life lived, loved, and learned. But sometimes, you need to know when to shut up. And when to leave.

P.J.: I think we’ve got a long time left. America has been written off before, but we’re a pretty resilient place. They wrote us off during the Civil War, the Depression... And we seem to bounce back through the magic of freedom. The Cato Institute concluded that the country gets in less trouble and spends less money when the Administration is divided between one party in the White House and another party in control of Congress. I’d like to see Congress retaken by the Republicans if for no other reason than to provide some balance. And I hope Biden pays the political price for his imbalance and bungling. He deserves to. Not sure he will. But if he keeps screwing up on the scale of the Afghan withdrawal, he may well do. But it’s not like the Republicans have shown much sign of intelligence for a while, either. So at the moment, I’m quite politically discouraged. But I could plunk myself down during the War of 1812 or maybe Wilson’s Administration and would find myself equally in despair. So I try and keep it in perspective.

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American Consequences


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