American Consequences - September 2021


This is not “crushing the virus” as Biden promised us. That around 200 million Americans have received at least one vaccine shot, and the virus is spreading even more rapidly now than it was in the same month a year ago, has caused considerable alarm. And with that, the political animus between the vaccinated and unvaccinated has only grown... The Biden White House and the Democrat Party have decided to use the force of government to make that hostility even worse. Of course, the people in charge of our response have found someone to blame: the unvaccinated . “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin,” Joe Biden said in his recent speech announcing federal mandates. Despite the Biden White House’s endless repetition of their “follow the science” mantra, the summer of 2021 was much worse for COVID than any of their so- called experts expected. “And your refusal has cost all of us,” he added. The ominous tones were followed with various promises to punish the non- compliant. It didn’t have to be this way... For one thing, less than a year ago President Biden told the country that he didn’t agree with imposing a vaccine mandate. And now, as of September 2021, Biden has completely gone back on that, and ordered a series of sweeping mandates that will make all federal and 100 million private-sector employees get the shot or lose their jobs.

This is pretty close to the nuclear option of government pandemic countermeasures. It will have enormous ramifications for the future of the country, not just when it comes to public health issues, but to the very core of the Constitution and the relationship between citizen and state. What is the constitutional justification for this? If the federal government can mandate that all private businesses with more than 100 employees must vaccinate their staff (or get them weekly testing, which is meant to be onerous and ruinously expensive), then what can’t Washington, D.C. mandate? What’s the point of the 10th Amendment, and the plenary powers delegated to the states? If for reasons of pure politics, the federal government can, via administrative fiat instead of going through Congress, make such an order on a health matter, could they take similar action about climate change or gun confiscation? In our standard political discourse, polemicists abuse terms like “tyranny” and “authoritarian” – but this has more than a whiff of both. The top-down decision from the Executive Branch of the federal government to use the Labor Department as the implementation arm of a health policy dictatorship shows that, in the era of COVID, the Democrat Party no longer views the separation of powers as any meaningful impediment to its preferred health policies. In fact, in his September 9 speech outlining the new plan to get the virus under control, President Biden made clear his intent to steamroll any states’ rights opposition...


September 2021

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