American Consequences - September 2021


who have received at least one shot at 43% and 48%, respectively. While there’s certainly a group within those categories of Republicans and Trump voters, the data tells us that most young minority males are not MAGA-hat wearing, anti-vaxx Right- wingers... But the Democrat narrative ignores this reality. Instead of trying to unite and heal the country, the most powerful voices in the government and bureaucracy have decided to scapegoat disfavored political groups. In fact, the Biden view of vaccine hesitancy is that white male, Right-wing individuals who refuse to get the vaccine are bad people who don’t care about the science. However, racial minorities are an entirely different matter when it comes to vaccine hesitancy. Dr. Fauci, Biden, and the whole COVID apparatus of control constantly make excuses around “access” issues for minorities who choose not to get the shot. We are supposed to ignore the politics of this, and the fact that more than 90% of African American voters cast their ballots for Democrats in the 2020 election. There’s also the inexcusable, inexplicable absence of any policy or even mention of naturally acquired immunity. Americans who have had COVID-19, and the most current estimates say that around 100 million of them have beaten the virus, are likely the most immunologically protected of anyone. That Biden, his chief henchman of the biosecurity state Dr. Fauci, and the rest of

the control apparatus refuses to even publicly acknowledge this scientific reality is further evidence of the intense politicization at work. People are, understandably, very angry in America about what the country has gone through. We have lost more than 650,000 Americans to the novel coronavirus, and we’ve also lost a tremendous amount of freedom, spent trillions of dollars of public money, and continue to suffer through a period of tremendous anxiety. But instead of trying to unite and heal the country, the most powerful voices in the government and bureaucracy have decided to

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scapegoat disfavored political groups. And that, in essence, is where we find

ourselves now: the fight over total control . The national response to COVID in America has been an abject failure, based on the promises the experts made and the concessions they demanded of us. Perhaps it was never going to be any different in this country, regardless of the collective response to a highly contagious virus. But we will never be allowed to figure that out, or even have the discussion. There’s too much government power and intellectual vanity at stake for the elites. And so we are forced to get the shot, mask up, “social distance,” and suffer whatever ineffective indignities our government overlords can conjure to pretend they are protecting us from COVID. It will not be enough for them to silence dissent – they will demand everyone participate in and celebrate their new authoritarian health regime. Biden isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.


September 2021

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