American Consequences - September 2021

president, Van Simmons, has been assisting Stansberry Research subscribers for years. He is also one of the founders of the PCGS. Don’t forget about your neighborhood coin dealer, either... Get to know the proprietor. These guys generally love to talk about gold coins. And you can sometimes find some great buys there that you wouldn’t get on a nationwide website.

higher premiums that you’ll pay for coins are worth it if you need to sell in a hurry at some point in the future. It’s more practical to have your wealth in a recognizable and easily divided denomination. Plus, since they come in so many different varieties, bullion coins are more fun to look at and collect than bars. Another option is semi-numismatic coins... In addition to their gold content, these coins are valued by their condition, rarity, and collectability. And the premiums for these coins can soar in an inflationary environment. If you’re buying rare coins, make sure they’ve been authenticated and graded by a third party... Two organizations are considered the industry standard for this service – Professional Coin Grading Service (“PCGS”) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. After the coins have been graded, they will be encapsulated in plastic, which is how reputable dealers sell them. Don’t buy rare coins that haven’t been graded. Coins are categorized by year, type, and grade. The grading service rates the coin’s condition on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 70 (highest). The grades of coins that are considered uncirculated will start with the designation “MS” (which means “mint state”). Most coins that you can find in a coin shop will range from MS-60 through MS-70. Obviously, the higher the quality, the more you’ll pay for a coin. If you’re looking for someone who can give you advice on rare coins, we recommend contacting David Hall Rare Coins. The company’s

REPUTABLE GOLD DEALERS David Hall Rare Coins (800) 759-7575 Asset Strategies International (301) 881-8600

JM Bullion (800) 276-6508 BullionVault (888) 908-2858

Please note that this isn’t a comprehensive list... It’s simply a few names to get you started. And we don’t get any compensation for mentioning these dealers... They’re just some of the folks who’ve treated thousands of our readers well in the past. They each have plenty of experience... And we’ve never received any serious complaints about them.

American Consequences


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