American Consequences - September 2021

PLOT OF GOLD Regardless of who you use, the most important thing is to do your homework ... Before you buy, make a few calls to see who offers the best deals. And don’t forget that prices change daily. So it’s important to do your research on the day you plan to buy. WHERE TO STORE YOUR GOLD Another question that many folks have is how to store gold once you’ve bought it... Ideally, you can keep it at your house inside a fireproof safe. It’s a simple way to make sure it doesn’t get destroyed in a fire... And it’s easily accessible if you need it in an emergency. It’s never too late to begin buying. Start slowly, and build up your hoard over time. You might’ve also heard stories of “midnight gardening”... Some folks feel safer burying their gold in their backyard. This method protects your valuables from both theft and fires. Just be sure that you can find it when necessary. And you should probably tell at least one person who you can trust where it is in case you get hurt or die... Otherwise, you might wind up like the guy who never recovered his 1,427 coins in the California mountains. Another option is a safe deposit box at your local bank. But of course, there’s one problem with that... If the bank is closed, you won’t be able to get to your gold.

Some dealers offer storage, too... BullionVault, for example, charges a

maximum fee of 0.5% to buy and sell gold through its service. And it offers various vaults around the world that you can use to store your gold. The Perth Mint in Australia also offers gold depository programs. But again, there’s no better way to store gold than somewhere you can physically access it. That way, you’ll be able to get to it in a matter of minutes (or less). If you’ve been on the fence about buying physical gold, we hope this month’s story helps make your decision easier... It’s never too late to begin buying. Start slowly, and build up your hoard over time. Remember, we don’t think of physical gold as a way to make money. We don’t plan to buy low and sell high like we do with gold stocks. It’s a necessary form of insurance... Nobody likes buying insurance for their homes. And we hope we never need to use it. But if the time comes, it’s always better to have insurance than not have it. Gold works the same way... You’ll sleep better at night knowing that a portion of your wealth is safe from economic disaster. And your extra time and effort will be worth it when the storm comes.


September 2021

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