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The play is sinister, funny and has a strong political message, which seemed more and more apt as 2019 developed. The cast found the avant-garde nature of the play hard at first, but quickly warmed to it and gave it their all and, as Year 13 students, they had maturity and insight. I valued the contributions and suggestions they made, and they worked individually and collectively to make the play their own. The strong leads brought character to the roles they created, and the chorus clearly established the menace highlighting the message of the play. We were fortunate to have the skills of Cashmere High School students Jorja Farrant and Lily Thoroughgood to augment our cast. Robyn Peers Assistant Director of Drama


THE CAST Gottlieb Biedermann Babette (his wife) Anna (maidservant) Schmitz (a wrestler) Eisenring (a waiter)

Robyn Peers Grant Bennett Philippa Dye Nikki Bleyendaal Bradley Fulcher Edward Roche Jack Graham

Zac Matson Jorja Farrant

Technical director Wardrobe creator Makeup designer Sound designer

Lily Thoroughgood

Ed Bayliss

Nathan Penrose Tom Davidson

Set realisation Stage manager


Doctor of Philosophy

Alex McKenzie-Rimmer

Lighting operators

Elliott Grey, Sean Jang

Mrs Knetchling Lead Fireman

Jorja Farrant

Stage crew Pyrotechnics Pack in crew

George Simpson Grant Bennett

Caleb Tod


Matias Biraben-Clough Tom Davidson Lachie Henderson Jack Lindo Alex McKenzie-Rimmer Logan Quigley Nic Turnbull

Nicholas Brown, Tobin Butler, Sam Cross, Ben Davis, Remy Fitzgerald, Oliver Glossop, Yngve Jordan, Alan Viles


Melissa Hogan Jake Eastwood David Chambers

Technical assistance Production manager


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