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REACTION HOUSE PLAYS AWARDS 2019 House Leadership Awards This is a Test Directed by Tom Vincent (C) October Offensive Directed by Alex McKenzie-Rimmer (Cf) Superficia Directed by Tom Davidson (F) Murder at Merryweather Mansion Co-directed by Ed Bayliss and Ryan Oorschot (H) Rapunzel Uncut Co-directed by Josh Johnston and Louis Gunn (J) The Fourth Wall Directed by Fergus Beadel, assistant

Ensemble Award For onstage group commitment

Actor’s Awards For creation of credible character, with impact Fletcher Anderson (Teacher) This is a Test Henry Mossman (Private Cuthbert Williams) October Offensive Henry Briscoe (Force-Jones) Zac Matson (Vapid-Vorsely) Superficia Jamie Barr (Detective McGloclyn) Jasper Johnson (Jameson) Murder at Merryweather Mansion Will Simcock (Prince) Rapunzel Uncut Nathan Orchard (Jason), Freddie Sudell (Soldier 1), Ben Sullivan (Lead Female) The Fourth Wall Oscar Gosling (Detective Woolrich) Three Doors to Death Claude Tellick (Mr Zurm) How to Succeed in High School

and sustained energy October Offensive (Cf) Rapunzel Uncut (J) Three Doors to Death (R) The Waiting Game (S)

Production Award For effective use of drama technologies Rapunzel Uncut (J) October Offensive (Cf) Superficia (F) Special Technicians Award For outstanding contribution and technical service for all Houses Ben Davis Remy Fitzgerald

director Jack Lindo (J) Three Doors to Death

Directed by Logan Quigley (R) How To Succeed in High School Without Really Trying Co-directed by Ollie Brakenridge and

People’s Choice Award For the play most obviously appreciated by the audience

Night 1: How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying (R) Night 2: No More Mr Nice Guy (So)

George Matheson (R) The Waiting Game Directed by Caleb Tod (S) No More Mr Nice Guy Directed by Fin Smith (So)

Without Really Trying Lachie Harper (Guard 2) The Waiting Game Fin Smith (Mills) No More Mr Nice Guy


Christ’s College Canterbury

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