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CULTURE Speech and Drama

Grade 5 – Mod 1 & 2 Ryan Primus ( Hons+, Hons) Alexander Law (Hons, Hons+) Robert McClean (Hons, Hons) George Brakenridge (Merit+, Hons) Nicholas Brown (Merit, Merit+) Thomas Currie (Merit+, Merit) Benedykt Staples (Merit, Merit) Nick Gibb (Credit, Credit) Grade 4 Edward Davidson (Hons+)

Grade 6 Oli Aikawa (Distinction) Charlie Eglinton (Distinction) Grade 5 Nathan Cranstone (Distinction) Grade 4 Oliver March (Merit) SPEECH NEW ZEALAND Speech and Drama Grade 8 Ben Davis (Mod 1, 2, 3, Hons+, Hons, Hons) William Oakley (Mod 1, Hons) Grade 6 William Oakley (Mod 1, 2, 3, Hons+, Hons+, Hons+) Henry King (Mod 1, 3, Hons+, Hons+) Isaac Heap (Mod 1, 3, Merit+, Hons+) Ciaran Huntley (Mod 2, 3, Hons, Hons+) Jacob Clements (Mod 1, 2, Merit, Hons+) Jamie Barr (Mod 3, Hons+) William Olsson

The Speech and Drama co- curricular programme, carefully nurtured by Tomascita Edgerton and Tania McVicar, provides another opportunity for each of these boys to test himself at “his best” and to pursue the differentiated learning experience College provides. Many boys continue through the graded programmes of either the Speech New Zealand syllabus or that offered by Trinity College London. The 55 boys who passed the examinations, and the number of Honours Plus and Distinction grades, is testament to the excellent teaching and impressive effort that goes into the preparation and presentation of the final examinations. TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON Speech and Drama Grade 7 Jamie Barr (Merit) Hamish McCulloch (Merit) Communication Skills Associate Diploma (ATCL) Chris Lee (Distinction) Jack Lindo Ollie Brakenridge

Joel Fulford (Hons) Tom Chaffey (Hons) Otto Elworthy (Hons) Duncan Fletcher (Hons) Toby Jackson (Hons) Harry Burt (Hons) Henry Lassen (Merit+) Ben Donaldson (Merit+) Oliver Glossop (Merit+) Fergus Ryan (Merit) Joshua Peckitt ( Merit) Thomas Bell (Merit) Liam Allen (Merit) Zach Adams (Merit)

Jaspar Thomas (Credit+) Nathan Cranstone (Credit) Beau Armstrong (Credit) Certificate of Attainment Grade 4 Matthew Rothera (Merit)

Grade 8 Gus Coates (Distinction) Henry Eglinton (Merit) Alistair Morgan (Merit) Grade 7 Charles Lord (Distinction) John An (Distinction) Archie Roberts (Distinction)

(Mod 1, Merit+) Rajan Stephens (Mod 3, Credit+) Archie Roberts (Mod 3, Credit+)

Dominic Kerr (Merit) Jack Churcher (Pass)


Christ’s College Canterbury

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