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Our College Theatresports teams have been throwing themselves into competitions and raking in the accolades this year, showing their dedication and enthusiasm for the craft. Theatresports is an energetic competition of improvised theatre that encourages students to improvise scenes based on games and audience suggestions. There are three rounds –Blind, Choice and Challenge – and each team is judged by a panel of Court Jesters on their technique and entertainment in each game. The highest scoring team wins. SENIOR THEATRESPORTS At the end of Term 3, one of our two senior Theatresports teams made the South Island finals held at the Court Theatre. Having just missed out on also making the finals, the second team was invited to an exclusive workshop with the Court

Jesters prior to the competition and, from that, a scratch team of four random players, including our very own Ethan Manera, was also entered into the finals. With the enthusiastic audience warmed up by MC Jeff Clarke, the teams took to the stage for their final three rounds. Starting the Blind Round with the randomly selected game of “He Said, She Said”, experienced Year 11 players James Currie and Claude Tellick had the audience rolling in the aisles, but didn’t manage to impress the judges enough to win the round. For the Choice Round, the team chose to play “Genre Rollercoaster”, where one scene has to continue while accommodating and incorporating the various genres yelled out by the MC. Year 11 student Nathan Orchard and Year 12 student Alistair Morgan

joined James Currie cycling through sci-fi, horror, western, Disney and evangelical genres to present a bizarre and brilliant piece of improv. Finally, for the Challenge Round, we stuck with a solid storytelling game of “Typewriter”, with James narrating the other players and bringing Year 12 student Sam Boyd on, in a tale of a boy with a superpower he has to hide from the world – he can produce balloons from his hands … Needless to say, there was chaos and hilarity, and our team walked away elated and inspired. The scratch team also performed valiantly, but neither team could wow the judges as much as experienced visiting school John McGlashan College from Dunedin who created some exceptional improvised work, winning by half a point. In the end,


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