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The Year 10 outdoor education programme is now integrated into Immerse & Inspire, with the boys heading to the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre as part of that four- week programme. All Year 10 boys are registered for the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award. The boys followed the same programme as in 2018, and by completing the week they could achieve the adventurous journey section of the Hillary Award. First, they had two nights out in the Boyle River area learning the camping and tramping skills needed to plan and participate in their own tramping trip. On Wednesday they were back at base camp to participate in a variety of group- based activities, including high and low rope challenges and a number of night activities. Then on Thursday they were set an area in the Lewis Pass in order to plan their tramp, before setting out on an overnight trip to complete the requirements for the adventurous journey section of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award. They returned to Boyle River Lodge on Friday before

heading back to College. This week was a demanding one for many of the boys, which is the goal of the Hillary Award – to immerse and challenge boys out in a wilderness environment and develop their spirit of adventure and discovery. The goal is now for the boys to take this outdoor tramping experience to the next level by heading out on more trips. We have now had a number of boys complete the requirements for the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award adventurous journey through the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre, Spirit of Adventure, Peel Forest or Joshua Foundation providers. Two boys will complete their Gold Award adventurous journey during the World Challenge expedition to Borneo in December. I am really pleased with the progress being made, and that more boys are heading out into the wilderness and learning to challenge themselves through the outdoors. Another significant step is the resurrection of the College Venture Group. This is now offered as a

sport to the boys who wish to learn tramping and mountaineering skills. It is anticipated over the next few years we will expand and be able to offer more Silver and Gold Award adventurous journeys as the group grows in numbers and experience. The Year 9 outdoor activity week and the four Year 10 adventurous journeys are a huge commitment for College staff. We had over 260 boys involved in a range of outside the classroom activities across both year groups, which meant more than 30 staff either departing from College for a day trip, or away from home for a few nights on camp. I would like to thank all the staff involved, plus our providers, for making these activities such a success for our boys. Graeme Christey MiC Outdoor Education and Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award


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