Register 2019

Advancement Coordinator Erica Klassen Receptionists

Shari Clunne BA (Canterbury), DipLegalExec (NZ Law Society), GDipBus (HRM) (Massey) FINANCE & OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Director of Finance & Operations and Board Secretary Steve Kelsen BCom, CA, DipHum Senior Management Accountant Connor Phipps BCom, CA Senior Financial Accountant Vanessa Thomas BCom, CA Compliance & Administration Manager Darren Dean Accounts Lorraine Naylor KJ Smith Attendance Officer Amanda Glennie Custodian Margaret Goodall MAINTENANCE AND GROUNDS Mike R Tovey (Manager) NZTradeCert Robert McKeon (Supervisor)

22 July–20 September 2019 Alexandra Robertson Condell’s Housemaster 14 October 2019 Samantha Squire Acting HoTL (cover for parental leave) 22 July–29 November 2019 TEACHER RESIGNATION James Bartlett Mathematics & Statistics 24 January Joe Eccleton Assistant Principal – Curriculum, History 21 July 2019 Chloe Harland TiC Classics 20 August 2019 Chris Hill Physics 29 July 2019 Kate Kempthorne–Smith Art 29 November 2019 Tony O’Connor Mathematics & Statistics, Condell’s Housemaster 20 September 2019 NON-TEACHINGNEW APPOINTMENTS Dr Sarah Anticich College Counsellor 9 September 2019 Emily Baird College Counsellor 9 September 2019 Keri Duggan School House Domestic 29 April 2019 Margaret Goodall Custodian 15 March 2019 Jack Harper Immerse & Inspire Tutor, Rowing Coach 7 May 2019 Jimmy Healy Immerse & Inspire Tutor 11 June 2019 Sally Kersey Biology Technician 22 January 2019 Rob McFarlane Director of Finance & Operations 18 November 2019 Jan McCook Receptionist 31 January 2019 Robert McKeon Maintenance Team Leader, Carpenter 21 January 2019 Lorraine Naylor Accounts (cover for parental leave) 26 November 2018 Ben Smith Digital Services Technician 7 October 2019

Jan McCook Penny Whyte

DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Director of Development Ric Fletcher CFRE Senior Development Manager Shelly Keach CFRE, MFINZ Bequest & Relationship Manager Peter Davidson

Development Coordinator Lauren Smith BA(Hons) (London) TEACHER NEW APPOINTMENTS Dr Tom Hawkins Mathematics 25 January 2019 Zac Knight Assistant HoD English 25 January 2019 Sam Leary Technology 22 July 2019 Tamara Lerios Mathematics 29 April 2019 Victor Sue-Tang Physics 29 July 2019

Peter van Arendonk Eoin Cook NZTradeCert Aiden Dempsy Peter Domigan Level 1V TurfCert Jeremy Hopewell

FIXED TERM TEACHERS David Griffiths Mathematics & Statistics 15 October 2018–14 June 2019 David Johnson Biology 22 July–20 September 2019 Brian Le Vaillant Accounting & Economics 10 June–20 September 2019 Fred Poskitt Mathematics & Statistics 22 July–20 September 2019 TEACHER ROLE TRANSITION William Bell Acting HoD Commerce (cover for parental leave) 25 January–29 November 2019 Nicole Billante Assistant Principal – Curriculum 22 July 2019 Melissa Campbell Acting HoTL (cover for teacher transition) 22 July–29 November 2019 Chris Needle Acting HoTL (cover for teacher sabbatical)

UNIFORM SHOP Ann Shaw (Manager) Ange Bosworth

AUDIOVISUAL&PERFORMING ARTS TECHNICIAN Grant Bennett ADVANCEMENT Director of Advancement Claire Sparks Admissions Registrar Sarah Fechney International Student Manager Deanne Gath Graphic Designer/Marketing Assistant Melissa Hogan

College Writers Catherine Hurley Jocelyn Johnstone


Christ’s College Canterbury

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