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that give back to the community in marvellous ways. The money from the award was put into buying more equipment and more seeds, so more and more students can get involved and have a positive impact on the community and environment. Mr Newton was amazing in getting more and more students involved. He reached out to many schools, including Shirley Boys’ High School, St Margaret’s College, Rangi Ruru, and The Cathedral Grammar School to help them set up their own nurseries. The committee helped prepare 200 plants for each school, along with potting mix and other materials from our amazing sponsors Canterbury Landscape Supplies, Tiki Wine, and Mainland Tanks & Drums Ltd. This enabled those schools to start their own initiative just like ours here at College, and hopefully in the future we can all link up throughout the year and do some pretty big events. Giving back to the community can be so rewarding, both physically and mentally. When you do service to someone or something, it is likely that you will get more out of it than the person or thing you serve, and it is always fun to be outside having a yarn with your mates while doing something great for the environment. It is actually a bonus that these hours of service can also be logged for amazing service awards like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award and the SVA Service Award, which I highly recommend any student should get into. Our teamwork enables us to get tasks done efficiently and done well. We are lucky to have such an amazing teacher in charge and Mr Newton has put in hours upon hours to help this project. Without him, I honestly don’t think a single plant would have been planted. But everyone involved this year wanted to make the world a better place and it all starts with something small. It is easy to say that the world needs to change and plants need to be planted, but it is much harder to get out there and actually do it. The Environment Committee

has done brilliantly this year and we hope to continue on our planting ways for future years to come.

students in Term 2. Due to the great feedback following the dumpling making evening in 2018, we decided to hold a similar event this year. This time we taught the boys how to make the traditional Chinese dessert Tang Yuan. This interesting and meaningful activity was organised by Mark Ma and committee members Michael Zhang and Vinnie Wee. Mark and Vinnie showed the boys how to make Tang Yuan, while Michael prepared a short presentation about the culture behind the food. It was an excellent opportunity for our young boarders to experience the fun of making food, as well as learn some interesting facts about an unfamiliar culture. International Week, which took place in the second week of Term 3, was the biggest event organised by the committee. It was a huge success. The committee spent the whole of Term 2 planning and preparing, in order to present the best possible International Week for everyone at College. The week began with a special Chapel service on Monday morning. Committee member Edward Hsing gave an impressive sermon on the importance of internationalism in the multicultural context of our world, and prayers were said in six different languages. We had an international languages game of Kahoot! at lunchtime, run by committee member Sumin Jung. Mark Ma and the committee presented a special international assembly on Tuesday morning, which featured a video by committee members Claude Tellick and Yngve Jordan looking at the Round Square ideal of Adventure, international students from Germany, Korea and China talking about life at College, Year 13 student Tom Davidson sharing his experience on the Round Square “Big Build” service project in Morocco, and Year 10 student Timmy Li and Year 11 student Matthew Zhang playing traditional Chinese instruments. An international knowledge quiz was held at lunchtime on Tuesday, with questions devised by Angad Vraich and Yngve Jordan. Flower’s House won this

Jordy Annand Head of Environment


In its third year of activity in 2019, the International & Round Square Committee has become one of the most popular committees at College. We continued to work on initiatives to share and show the IDEALS of Round Square – Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service – to our students. The committee encouraged the boys to build their understanding of internationalism, helping them to respect and embrace the differences between cultures, religions, ethnicities, and backgrounds around the world. Our goal in 2019 was to demonstrate internationalism and Round Square ideals to students through activities, conferences and trips. In addition, we supported international students in their lives at College, helping them to build positive and strong relationships with domestic students. To achieve these aims, the committee began organising and planning activities at the end of 2018. The committee members had outstanding communication and teamwork skills, which enabled us to make our 2019 plans come true. We set up two working groups within the committee: IAR (International & Round Square) and ISP (International Student programme). The IAR working group successfully organised and ran two events – a cultural evening and International Week – for school, while the ISP working group organised several successful events – including an international student dinner with St Margaret’s College, and combined sports activities with St Margaret’s and Rangi Ruru Girls’ School – for international students. The IAR hosted a successful cultural evening for Year 9 and 10 boarding


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