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ACADEMIC Departmental Reviews

ART It is a real pleasure to teach and to be involved with the art department at Christ’s College and the 2019 year reinforced this fact to me once again. It has been a privilege to work alongside enthusiastic students who are committed to working hard and wanting to glean as much information as possible from a variety of sources. There were many highlights for the year, but I only have space to single out a few, so please forgive me if I miss out some achievements. Year 13 student Jovan Mattingley and Year 12 student Fergus Laing deserve a special mention, as their work was selected to be part of The Creators’ Room finalist exhibition. This means they will have their work bought and included in an exhibition in 2020, and they are also in the running for a $3000 scholarship. This is a real honour, as there were over 2000 entries in this year’s competition. In the classroom, the boys across the department produced great work. In Year 10, students Benji Ward, Alex Scott, and Daniel Wei ranked highest among many talented students. Year 11 student Reis Azlan achieved the top honours for the Level 1 boys. His work was consistently strong across all the art disciplines and his portfolio demonstrated the ability to develop an original body of work with great technical skill. I would also like to highlight Archie Batchelor and Rory Doull for their well-crafted portfolios. Throughout this year level, there was depth and originality in their work.

The Year 12 boys created exciting work, with Fergus Laing producing the top portfolio. His was a portfolio of great observation skills and demonstrated the ability to make complex multi-faceted compositions. John Wong was close behind, with a superb portfolio that mixed street art with abstraction with Edward Hopper influences. Also submitting fine looking portfolios were Will Sleigh and Tim Ward. In photography, Oscar Nott produced a lovely layered portfolio of photographs, and Tim Ward combined a mixture of influences to make a beautifully expressive, almost painterly body of photographs. The Year 13 boys rounded off their time in the department with solid looking submissions for their external examinations. George Lamb produced a considered portfolio in design. Jovan Mattingley worked very hard during the year to make an exquisite portfolio that showed off his love of cars. We awarded the Penlington Cup to Jovan in 2019, in recognition of his hard work and disciplined commitment to making art. Congratulations, Jovan.

The art department staff look forward to seeing the results when they come out in January 2020. For all the Year 13 leavers, we wish you the very best in your future studies and careers and, as always, you are most welcome to pop in whenever. It is always a pleasure to catch up on where life has taken you.

Darryn George HoD Art

ART HISTORY 2019 was a quiet, but satisfying year in Art History. As it was a small class, with boys in both Years 12 and 13, I took the opportunity to create a student-led course. The boys could pick from the six options available for Level 3, and the areas chosen ranged from the late Renaissance through to the diversity of contemporary art and architecture. Year 12 studied the development towards modern ideas in art and architecture in nineteenth century Europe. This allowed me to work with the boys either in small groups or individually as they completed


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