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In the wake of that competition, two teams were selected to represent College at the local Aurecon Bridge Building Competition: Angus, Jaspar and Greg, and Nathan, Sean and Alan Viles. Both teams made good use of their planning and construction time leading up to competition day, and should be pleased with their efforts. Congratulations to Nathan’s team, who were awarded the Innovation prize, continuing College’s success in the competition. We look forward

Benji Ward, Thimeth Wijesinghe, George Wilson, Scott Winefield Year 11 Jack Belcher, Shyam Hari, Joshua Jolly, Hanjun Kim Year 12 Edwin Dargue, Henry Eglinton, Matthew Gibb, Joshua Johnston, Alistair Morgan, Owen Short, Tom Tothill Cantamath This year’s Cantamath results were particularly gratifying. College sent 16 boys to the team competition, and two individual entries to the display competition. Year 10 students Yusef Elnahas and Thimeth Wijesinghe entered individual projects. Congratulations to Yusef, who received an Excellence award for his piece, “The Great Pyramid of Mathematics”. The following 16 boys were involved in the team competition: Year 9 Josh Hooker, Sean Jang, Alex McEwan, Lachie Short, William Bretherton, Hayden Goodwin, James Lange, Jack McKeown Year 10 Yusef Elnahas, James Griffin, Thimeth Wijesinghe, Hugo Wynn Thomas, Bruce Chen, Jack Coles, Isaac Heap, Benji Ward Congratulations to Josh, Sean, Alex and Lachie. Not only did they achieve a perfect score, answering all 20 questions correctly, but they also managed to do so quicker than any other team, taking home the coveted Cantamath trophy. Samantha Squire HoD Mathematics and Statistics MODERN LANGUAGES As per our usual custom, 2019 began with French and German language students returning from an extended stay in Europe. Year 13 students Angus Murray and Daniel Kutovoy enjoyed time in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, and came home fluent,

energised and excited to share their experiences. We welcomed their exchange partners Till Lutermann and Jonas Weidner to College in the later part of Term 1. They were very proactive in assisting the Year 13 German class, encouraging our boys to speak as much German as possible, and giving them many cultural as well as linguistic insights. These interactions provided a multitude of meaningful contexts for learning for all students, not just those who had travelled to Germany. Year 13 student Tom Rose spent six weeks in a language school in Paris throughout a period of turbulent social and political unrest as the gilets jaunes (yellow vests) movement spread throughout the country. As well as refining his linguistic skills, being in Paris at this time gave Tom unique insight into France’s current political and societal woes. He was able to give the Year 13 class an informed and first-hand perspective on these events. Continuing with the German theme, Lorenz Beckmann partnered with Year 12 student Ollie King as part of the annual German hockey exchange. He worked alongside Year 12 students, supporting them in a spoken interaction internal. In the Term 3 holidays, Year 12 students Jenner Johnson, Yngve Jordan and Henri Quested travelled to Colegio Pestalozzi in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their exchange opportunity and very much valued their chance to also interact with other international students at the school. It is very encouraging to see our students taking up these exchange opportunities which, combined with their real time language practice, make them truly global citizens. No cultural experience is complete without a food dimension and classes this year enjoyed croissants and crêpes, sushi and dumplings, tortillas and magdalenas. Without easy access to a kitchen, these culinary experiences are challenging for us teachers in our heritage classrooms, but the boys certainly appreciate any food event. As well as the Maison de

to further engagement in the competition in coming years. University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition The Otago junior mathematics

competition is an annual event for students in Years 9–11 across the country. It involves mathematical problem solving in unfamiliar contexts, and rewards students for pattern recognition and confidence in a range of problem-solving skills. With 70 entries in Years 9 and 10, College was well represented. In Year 9, William Sudell and Sean Jang both placed in the top 100 entries for their age group. In Year 10, Bruno Vaughan placed in the top 200 entries, and Bruce Chen in the top 100.

Australian Mathematics Competition The Australian Mathematics

Competition is an annual fixture involving students from more than 30 countries. Three Year 9 students – Oliver Glossop, Sean Jang and Lachie Short – were awarded High Distinction, placing them in the top three per cent of results in the country. The following 29 students gained Distinction awards, their responses in the top 20 per cent of overall results:

Year 9 Henry Acton-Adams, William

Bretherton, Matthew Brett, James Lange, Alex McEwan, George Pearse, William Sudell Year 10 Bruce Chen, Kevin Chiang, Yusef Elnahas, Charlie Eglinton, Oscar Gosling, James Griffin, Jasper Moss,


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